Earn while you learn

With our Step2Success programme, you’ll become a fully qualified lawyer –as you would if you went to university and Law school. But instead of building up thousands of pounds of debt, you’ll be paid throughout .

What’s more, you’ll be building your career in a top city law firm as you learn, developing your business as well as your legal skills. And don’t think you’ll be missing out by not going to university; there’s still a real sense of community and we encourage you get involved in a huge range of sports activities and fun social events. During your time with the firm, we’ll also help you develop essential life skills, such as organisation and budgeting, to make sure you grow both personally and professionally.

“The increasing cost of going to university has stopped some young people from pursuing their career of choice. This programme will help ensure bright, talented aspiring lawyers, still have the chance to achieve their goals.”

Michael Chissick, Managing Partner

  • Earn £16,000 a year while you learn. (And no student debts)

  • Work the majority of your week in the office gaining experience. (And we will give you time off each week to dedicate to study)

  • Be a qualified lawyer (Legal Executive route) in 5 years. (And we’ll pay all your study and college fees.)

  • Have a very strong chance of a job once you’re qualified. (Less chance of having to search for a job in a crowded market place.)

  • You’ll only need A Levels to join the scheme. (So you won’t have to pay to go to university.)

  • You won’t miss out on the social side. (There’s lots of social clubs and nights out you can join in with.)

  • Have highly respected qualifications. (CILEx level 6 and 5 years work experience allow you to be a practicing lawyer.)

Scheme Diagram
      Study stages
  0-6 months
Legal Administrator
  • Note taking in meetings
  • Use house styles and templates to create letters and documents
  • Paper and electronic filing
  • Departmental archiving
  • Dealing with telephone queries
  • CILEx Level 3
  • Certificate in Law and Practice (1yr)
  6 months – 2 years
Legal Assistant
  • Preparing legal documents for submission
  • Minute taking at client meetings
  • Completing legal forms
  • Working with databases to progress legal matters
  • Interviewing clients and witnesses
  • Research legal matters
  • File management
  • CILEx Level 3
  • Professional Diploma (1yr)
  2 years – 5 years
Legal Officer
  • Handles own files/cases from instruction to completion
  • Analyses legal and commercial issues
  • Involved in negotiations between parties
  • Contributes to departmental know how
  • Involved in business development
  • CILEx Level 6
  • Professional Diploma in Law and Practice (2yrs)
  5 years and beyond
Legal Executive
  • Manage large caseload and delegate tasks as required
  • Develops specialism in area of law
  • Advocacy
  • Actively involved in introducing new business
  • Delivers seminars to clients/department
  • Supports and trains new members of the department
  • 5 year Qualifying Legal Employment to become qualified lawyer

Applications for the Step2Success programme will be open on 21st March 2016 and close on 30th April 2016

Psychometric Test

Psychometric tests are designed to measure various aspects of a person's skills and abilities compared against norms established for particular groups.

The test we use in recruiting onto our programme is a verbal reasoning test. Verbal reasoning tests measure the ability to understand, analyze and interpret written information, often of a complex or specialized nature, which we believe is critical to the role of a lawyer. We recommend you complete some practice questions on the SHL website so you become familiar with the format

Video Submission

We are looking for you to convince us that you are an outstanding applicant for the programme. In your videos, we will be looking for you to demonstrate your communication skills, as well as demonstrating various skills you have in that would make you a strong applicant. You should include examples in your video.

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Assessment Day

Successful applicants will be invited into the office to take part in some face to face assessments. This will incorporate an interview, a group exercise and a written element. We will be looking for you to demonstrate your team working, analytical, planning and communication skills throughout these assessments.

Work Experience

Before you are offered a place on the programme, we will invite you in to do some paid work experience with us. We want you to know that this is the right career and firm for you before you start on the programme and work experience will help you decide this.

In a climate where university fees are becoming more expensive, and the legal landscape is ever evolving we've created an innovative school leaver programme that provides an alternative for aspiring lawyers, that will allow them to qualify within just five years. What's more, that's actually earlier than their university counterparts.

They also won't incur any debt. Not only will their studies be sponsored by the firm, but they'll be earning while they learn. Joining us on a permanent contract of employment, they'll gain recognised professional qualifications, whilst working in a range of departments, on exciting clients from Vodafone to BP and the BBC.

We're looking for six people to join us in the autumn. This is not just a short-term training programme. It's the chance to develop an exciting career in a City law firm.

What is the Step2Success Programme?

Fieldfisher is a mid sized City law firm, with eight offices across Europe. With over 700 employees, we have a real passion for developing our own talent.

In 2013, we have launched our school leaver programme to establish an alternative route to university enabling high achieving school leavers to qualify as lawyers. Through mentoring and support in the office and sponsorship of CILEx (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) qualifications, those on our school leaver programme can go on to qualify as lawyers five years after starting our programme.

I completed my A-levels last year, can I still apply?

Of course, provided your A-levels are complete before you start our programme, it doesn't matter how long ago you did them.

Where are these opportunities available?

At the moment, Step2Success places are only offered in our London office.

Why should students consider our school leaver programme as an alternative to university?

We understand that with increases in university fees and youth unemployment, students need to make a difficult and expensive decision. It has been estimated that students will be leaving university with around £50,000 debt so it is a decision that needs careful consideration. Our school leaver programme provides an alternative to the debt and uncertainty that university can bring, allowing them to make an informed decision about what route into law suits them.

On our programme, school leavers can earn a salary (starting at £16,000) and learn at the same time. They will be studying towards professional qualifications, as well as learning on the job under the supervision of an experienced lawyer.

How long does the programme last?

Our school leavers will start with us on a permanent contract of employment. It will take them five years to qualify as a lawyer, but we hope their career with the firm will continue beyond this.

What psychometric tests do I need to sit?

At the appropriate time, applicants will be sent an email with a link to complete an online verbal reasoning assessment. The email will include full details of what to expect as well as a link to some practice tests so applicants can familiarise themselves with the format. The test requires concentration and it is time pressured (we recommend applicants work quickly and carefully in a quiet environment).